Opening doors to affordable housing

The State Government’s Opening Doors program provides a range of affordable home ownership opportunities for Western Australians, including:


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Opening Doors for Western Australians



“I felt such joy about being able to experiment with decorating my place to my tastes and buying real, lasting furniture”


Erika and Sophie

“Life for me before I found Opening Doors, I’d say was 2 out of 10 since I found it, life is now 9 out of 10. I’m extremely happy that I’ve found Opening Doors.”

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*Advertised prices and prices that appear on the site are indicative only, based on available Shared Home Ownership properties available at the time of publication.

The majority of Shared Home Ownership prices represent a share of between 70-80% of the property price with the Housing Authority owning the remaining share, in equity. The final equity share is determined by the Housing Authority and Keystart, based on an applicant’s borrowing capacity.

Keystart’s standard lending criteria, terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.

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